Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bringing the garden indoors

Hello friends!
I know for most of us it's winter
and the ground is covered in snow and the cold has set in for a while,
b u t....
can we not bring "the garden" indoors.
D e c o r a t e  with blooms?
It's as simple as heading out to our local supermarket
and picking some up at the checkout.
But what a difference it makes in the midst
of the winter.
It adds that touch of "summer"
that many of us are so longing for right about now.
We may not have the "dipping of our toes" in the water
just yet,
but we can certainly feel summers delights
by decorating our home with
summers blooms
and fragrances.
And the good news is...
spring will be here before we know it.
Here are some of springs tulips I captured from the Ottawa Tulip Festival a few years ago!
I'm a tulip lover!
How about you?
What blooms do you love to decorate your home with?
Deborah xo