Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dreams of white dishes and shelves

Hello everyone!
I want to let you in on a secret....
I'm a lover of white.
Should I sshhhhhh
or shut it out from the rooftops?!  
I'm going to do the latter today ok?!

First of all, I  love shelving...
almost any kind of shelving catches my eye.
On this kitchen shelf, I  used  to keep my cookbooks (above) ....
until I received an  inspiration  
to put them in a new home,
and make the shelf available for another  love.
 In a previous post I showed you my new recipe helps home.
Here it is...and it's working out fine!

My  vintage coke crate  holds them perfectly
and proudly.
So, what to do with the empty shelf nearby?
White dishes, of course!!

   I adore  open shelving  and
white dishes.
I realized ...I  have a shelf..
so why not make it happen,
using what I have!
If you're like me, you drool over open shelving
and white dishes!
I don't have a lot of shelving but
why not use  what I have  to 
display what I have. 

I played around with  ways to display  them first.
It's the little girl in me :)

 In the  midst  of all this creating and playing,
another idea arrived in my mind.
So I set about making that happen too.

 I  adore  old wood,
and barnboard  and such,
and I love the look of
hooks on wood.
I found some old wood in our garage,
saved from other projects, and I shopped for some 
hooks (even hook-shopping takes some time..which ones do I choose?) ;)
and started to work.
Here's how it ended or should I say begins!

   I asked my hubby to drill it into the top of my wall above the shelf
and overhang .
I hung my white ikea cups

  Added a few  antique-ish  touches
(garage-sale finds~2 old mixers)

more white stuff
that's right on hand when I need it...
 and one happy girl!

So there you have it!
1)  A place to hang mugs and have close at hand.
2) A few bowls and serving bowls right at my touch
and looking pretty too.
3) A strainer near by and handy
4) Wooden spoons ready for use
5) A real milk bottle with lavender to scent my kitchen
6)And one happy girl who  realized a dream
and made it happen with an old board, some hooks,
a handy hubby with a drill,
and an  inspiration  and  a love for whites in her home.

Do you have a shelf somewhere
that's just waiting for a little makeover?!

I'll be back soon to chat about  hooks!

Deborah xo


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reflections of a style

Perhaps you may see a  reflection  here
of a style you like...
I hope so.  
A garage-sale find~this mirror is!
I didn't change a thing about it.
My hubby brought it home last summer and I loved it immediately.
A couple dollars and a cozy spot on our mantel.
I adore shabby-chic
and lots of white throughout our home.
Pops of colour bloom
 surrounded by white ....

Deborah xo  



Thursday, August 2, 2012

Duck egg washed desk

Hi there!
I've been busy with a few projects,
but I'll get back to you on the shelf re-do okay?
It's not quite ready yet.
I decided to quickly refresh my desk
with a coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint.
My hubby found this one on the road-side
and snatched it up.
I had duck egg on hand
and it's the colour I wanted for this job.
A nice change to my drawers only.

I removed the hardware pulls on the drawers,
wiped the wood down,
and painted with my dear Annie Sloan chalk paint.
I gave them a coat of clear wax, (Annie's)
and when dry,
simply placed the drawers back in.
I love the look of wood and chalk paint together!

 Working with Annie Sloan chalk paint
is so easy!
I love that you skip the preparation stages
and get right to the good stuff.

 So there...I have a refreshed desk,
and it was very easy 
and not time-consuming

How about you?
Have you ever tried Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint,
and if so, 
do you have a favourite colour?

Deborah xo