Thursday, August 2, 2012

Duck egg washed desk

Hi there!
I've been busy with a few projects,
but I'll get back to you on the shelf re-do okay?
It's not quite ready yet.
I decided to quickly refresh my desk
with a coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint.
My hubby found this one on the road-side
and snatched it up.
I had duck egg on hand
and it's the colour I wanted for this job.
A nice change to my drawers only.

I removed the hardware pulls on the drawers,
wiped the wood down,
and painted with my dear Annie Sloan chalk paint.
I gave them a coat of clear wax, (Annie's)
and when dry,
simply placed the drawers back in.
I love the look of wood and chalk paint together!

 Working with Annie Sloan chalk paint
is so easy!
I love that you skip the preparation stages
and get right to the good stuff.

 So there...I have a refreshed desk,
and it was very easy 
and not time-consuming

How about you?
Have you ever tried Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint,
and if so, 
do you have a favourite colour?

Deborah xo


  1. Hi Deborah, I love your desk with Duck Egg drawers! The blue looks so beautiful with with the natural wood. I can't believe it came from the side of the road. What a fabulous rescue!

  2. Deborah my dear! I WAS JUST THINKING OF YOU! I was painting down in my basement. I found the PERFECT plant stand to convert into a dress form base and I am painting it gray!! You came to mind and I wondered what you were up you ARE, painting,like me!

    Thank you precious one for coming to visit! My guest comes tomorrow and I have not even done any housework!!!!!!


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