Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A new home for my kitchen helps

I've been holding onto this treasure of a box
since last summers'
garage sales.
My hubby had spotted this vintage coke box
and bought it for us.
I tell you, he has "the eye" for these things.
I didn't know whether I wanted to use it 
in the living room as a magazine holder,
or on the wall as a display shelf.
So I set it aside.
Today was the day....inspiration hit me!

Introducing my new recipe book holder!
I love it!
It's the perfect size
to hold my treasures.

I had them on my kitchen shelf
but decided to change things up on there
(if you stick with me, I'll show you that in my next post).

It's not too big,
not too small,
just right
(sounds like "The Three Bears story")

And I have to say I love this wooden bowl
with the handle all in one.
It's holding my Momma's dried hydrangeas she so lovingly gives me every summer.
We stopped at a few garage sales while out of town on holidays last week.
Yes, you heard me right,
the "thrill of the hunt for treasures"
doesn't necessarily seize
while on vacation.
We found this in the beautiful, Niagara-on-the-lake
I'm almost blushing to say...
.25 cents.

Now my cookbooks are in a pretty box,
and they're right there "in my face"
ready to grab when I need them!

I'm happy,
and if I may say...
so proud!
My next post will be on the shelf
that used to hold these cookbooks.
Make sure to come back ok?!
Have a great day and thanks so much for visiting!

Deborah xo


  1. Wow!! I love when yo've waited and then get it just right!!Enjoy your day!

  2. My darling Deborah! I LOVE THIS BOX! And your husband sounds like mine; he has an eye for the REAL DEAL!!!!!! I just love this blog!!! Hugs my sweet one, Anita

  3. What a great idea! Love it!
    Evie @ Brown Paper Packages


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