Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hand in hand

Celebrating the purity of  white,
and the natural attraction of wood.
I think the two make a happy union.

What do you think?
 Are you a lover of the two?

Photo credit: Our dining room


  1. I love the idea of this blog and can't wait to see where it takes you. I have been adding more wood with white pieces to my home lately. Mostly thrifted treasures that I partially paint. I think I am your very first follower...:)

  2. I LOVE WHITE. I am repainting my studio in all white with gray trim, to mimick the old French castle look. I LOVE WOOD, and I am learning to use what I already have in darker woods to compliment the new look. If done just right in the case of my home décor, I think I will be very satisfied with the results! LOVE WHAT YOU DO DEAREST! Anita

  3. Oh yes I love white and wood.

  4. Yes...the two do go beautifully together.....and you know how to make them work especially nice:) love your new space:) ~~~Blessings~~~Shine

  5. The two are beautiful together!

  6. They do go hand in hand! Good for you doing a new blog on affordable design.

    Have a great weekend,


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