Monday, July 9, 2012

Home Decor on the deck and in the yard

Container gardening
can be so attractive

I used a vintage tin
which my hubby got from his brother-in-laws fathers home,
and added this plant.
I don't know what its called,
but wish I did,
because it is  amazing!
The way these buds  open up
and show their faces is  so  beautiful! 
I think this is my favourite plant this just responds to the sun so beautifully.

I planted some  snapdragons
in this tin that was in our basement
and sat it on this  chippy chair
that a dear friend gave me before she moved away.

The thing about  container gardening
is that it gives you the joy
of  getting  creative!  

Here I sewed the bottom of a jeanskirt
and added  soil
and some little 
 purple and white flowers 

Found a childs dress at our local 
Value Village store
put soil in the pockets
flowers in each one.

 I've had these  ceramic clogs
for a few years now.
I love to plant
cute little
hens n' chicks
 in them.

An old bread tin
offers a new home for my
Martha Washington blooms.

So much you can do 
to freshen up your deck and yard.

I've had so much fun this year with this!
Any container ideas of your own
you'd like to share?!
I'd love to hear!   

Until after my holidays...
Deborah xo     



  1. Hello Deborah
    With wonderful way you have planted the flowers. I like the tin pots, especially the old ones that you brought her husband! I wish you and your family happy holidays and have a great time.

  2. Hi Deborah,
    that's so creative and beautiful.... I beleve that flower is porchulaca." It thrives in dry weather which is certainly what we've had!

  3. Hi Deborah! It has been way too long! I am excited that you have a beautiful, new home decor blog! I love all of your creative garden containers. I can tell you are enjoying your summer. I love the garden and the sunshine this time of year!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and for your nice comment about my Chalk Paint table and bench. I am going to be better about staying in touch :)


  4. Hello Deborah,

    Well, first off, I feel bad because I commented last time on your other blog that I was heading right over to this new blog and when I saw your comment on my post, I realized that I got sidetracked and NEVER came here! HA!!

    So, HERE I AM! I LOVE container gardening. We have such a limited amount of space on our front and back porch, so it works for me. And the name of that flower in the first photo is portulaca. I love those too. I have some planted as well.

    Such pretty flowers and containers. You are SO creative, my friend.

    Have a great rest of the week!

  5. Good morning precious friend!

    I am loving all of your ideas for your creative garden space. I had such a great time this weekend sprucing up my boxwoods in the back yard because the builders just left on Friday after creating a GORGEOUS covered deck. Lots of sawdust to be cleaned up, but once I cleared that all away and watered, my plants are so lush.

    THANK YOU FOR VISITING! I will be back in blogland on SUNDAY! LOVE! Anita


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