Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Welcome to my newest blog!
This one is especially for beauty in the home.
Home decor, fashion & all things of beauty.
I'm excited to begin this newest of my blogs
and share with you...
beauty through my eyes.
Come on in...I'd love to show you around!

P.S. I keep changing the background..I can't decide which one to keep! Lol So much fun!

Deborah xo     


  1. I really admire you! Υou need skills to manage four blogs!. And you, have these !! I wish you good start in your new blog and I look forward to your creations.

  2. I like your new blog over here...the container one was very pretty and some fun and creative ideas. Love the bread pan...

  3. Sorry its taken me so long to get over here. Recovery from my concussion has taken alot longer than I thought. The computer is still difficult to be on for any length of time so I am remaining on a break. Lovely new blog you have here my dear friend. oxox


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