Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reflections of a style

Perhaps you may see a  reflection  here
of a style you like...
I hope so.  
A garage-sale find~this mirror is!
I didn't change a thing about it.
My hubby brought it home last summer and I loved it immediately.
A couple dollars and a cozy spot on our mantel.
I adore shabby-chic
and lots of white throughout our home.
Pops of colour bloom
 surrounded by white ....

Deborah xo  




  1. My dear Deborah
    Beautiful mirror! I put on a similar like yours to the entry hall and I like the touch of shabby-chic.
    Here we don't have garage sale only some shops and much expensive ! You are lucky that you take part to this kind of shopping !

  2. Gorgeous mirror!!! What a great find! :)


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