Sunday, September 9, 2012

Passionate about home decor

When I discovered  "Shabby Chic" 
by the very gifted and lovely
Rachel Ashwell...
I fell in love,
head over feet
 in love.
I've never been a lover of frills or things overly feminine,
but I just fell,
and fell hard for this romantic, natural style.

I also love  hooks  
and places to hang things.
This "shabby chic" style allows you to do this,
and with such  beauty!  

It's easy to create your own pretty little hooked boards.
I just took a board that I had around the shed,
hunted for the pink shade I wanted,
and painted my board.
I painted it quite  shabbily too.
I believe hubby and I had found these hooks in Stratford Ontario
and we bought about 6 of them.
We had them set aside for awhile before I finally decided to make this.

My hubby had some of those cute little screws left
from the window box he made me,
so we used those.
As simple and easy as that,
I have my own "shabby chic" hanger.
I'm planning on putting it in our bedroom,
and I'll post when I've got it hung up.
I'll hang some pretties on it
and then enjoy it every day.
Of course, I'll need some for the living room,
and how about the front hallway?!
And of course, I'd love to use some other shades too!


 Passionately yours,
Deborah xo



  1. So creative, I thought I was the only one with a "thing" for hooks:)Blessings to you my friend.

  2. Oh yes, I love hooks as well, especially old rusty ones. By the way, I love this blog of yours! You have got to be super busy with all the blogs you do. I'm headed over to check more out.


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