Sunday, October 21, 2012

Romancing our homes

Hello  sweet friends!
Does making decor changes to your home ever seem
too overwhelming and you just don't know where to begin?
Well if that's about just beginning with one corner of a room?
Just making small changes when you feel the inspiration
can make a big difference.
Of course we can't change and decorate everything at once,
but if we'll begin small,
we can be on the road to a great start in our homes.

Today  I decided to change my bedside end table
into a romantic little dressing table instead.
It gives a look of romance and adds a softness
as well.
I just put a frilly pink curtain on top of the table.
 I had purchased it
from a thrift shop earlier this summer.
I added an old mirror in the center,
and placed an old
 broken piece off of our old weathered adirondack chair on the top of the mirror.
I find that when I see an interesting piece of "something or other" from around the house or the garage,
I keep it and set it aside until I am inspired for its new use.
My recent grocery store  roses  have dried nicely
and I hung them beside the mirror to bring some femininity
 to the roughness of the wood.
I added a home-made  heart
 that I cut out, sewed and stuffed
 from a frilly sleeveless top
 which had been hanging around for years.
I added a gorgeous tea-light or candle-holder
which I purchased at Thanksgiving
at one of my favourite little country decor shops
in Bancroft.
This will bring some warmth and a little glow
before bed.
I love it!
And then I added just a few of my own  personal touches..
sand dollars  that my brother brought me back from his trip to Florida.
My favourite dream journal from my lovely friend,
I use this journal for home decor ideas and thoughts for gifts, etc.
My  pink covered Bible looks pretty here too.
My husband bought me a new one; a girly one
for our Anniversary this year.
Adding your own touches makes your space more personal...
it doesn't have to be done in a day.
Just add as you feel the inspiration come.

So go ahead and start with some small area of your home,
and work with that.
Once you've done that, you can get inspired for another small area,
and before you know it, you'll be well on your way
to making some big changes that started with small beginnings.
My side of the bed feels a little more romantic now.
All my heart,
Deborah xo



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  1. Your small changes are wonderful ! I hope that you will decor your home with romance and beauty !


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