Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stools are for more than sitting on

I just love stools and especially shabby,
roughed up around the edges kind of "stools".
I was so kindly given 3 this year
and I love each one of them!

They really are for much more than just sitting!
A perfect eye-pleaser for plants, and/or
dried flowers, or just about anything you desire.

  I love the white one,
but I love the pink as well.

Love the chippiness to this lime greenish stool too.
They are all quite welcome in our home
and have a personality unique to each one.
Dining room, bedroom...they feel at home anywhere you put them.
And changing whats seated on a big part of the fun!

Thanks for sitting with me awhile.

Happy decorating!

All my heart,
Deborah xoxo 



  1. Oh Deborah,they are all lovely,but that old yellow/green is the best to me!!!I LOVE sitting with you:) have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend.

  2. I loved all but especially the green one ! It look so old !
    You give me an idea ! My father -in law has two of them but they are painting with black colour !!! I don't like the black ,may be try to paint another colour !
    Thanks for the idea !

  3. Oh what a pretty blog here my dear; I couldn't decide which one to choose on your profile! I don't know if you visit Doré over at Burlap Luxe, but she is sharing a cute little stool that she made and painted chippy white..check her out!

    Much love and yes, GRACE is a force that is priceless! Anita

  4. Love your blog, happy you found and visited me, I see my friend Anita made it here before me!
    Thank you for your beautiful comment, I so see we now have something in common , the love of stools. I can't believe that with loving the look of a stool in ones decor that it took me so long to add one to my look, I guess I could not find the right one so I made one.

    I hope to see your beauty gracing my place often.
    See you and all you inspire soon.

  5. That's a brilliant idea!!! Love it. Now...if only I had a stool and a place to put it. :)
    Thanks so much for stopping by sweet friend. I hope you have a blessed weekend!!

  6. All of those stools are charming and I love the idea of using them as plant stands and side tables! That chippy green one is my favorite.



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