Sunday, October 4, 2015

Faded is beautiful

Faded pink, years of use, and utterly shabby.
There's a look of age that is so endearing.

And of course, faded roses always compliment.
I found this treasure a few summers ago at a garage sale...although she didn't
actually have it for sale, she did sell it to me.
It sits in our living room
and I love it.
How about you...are you a fan of older pieces of furniture?
All my heart,

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  1. Yes oh Yes! Funny just today I laughingly said to my daughter that I loved vintage before vintage was cool...I think it's the breath I feel in the old pieces, the life they have lived. Stay warm up there my friend!! So exciting you have a chalk paint store opening there. Recently one opened here in Elora as well. The course will be worth while, I did a day one last fall, I think it helped give me the confidence to tackle the hutch. Hope your Sunday is blessed, Lucy~


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